Photos of Sedlec Ossuary

Photos of Sedlec Ossuary – Bone Church in Kutna Hora

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“When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth..”

Our Photos of Sedlec Ossuary

When there’s no more room in the ground the dead will be piled high.

To solve the problem of over-crowded cemeteries, the dead were made into a church, that church is Sedlec Ossuary, the bone church at Kutna Hora – and here are the photos of Sedlec Ossuary to prove it.


This is what I was itching to see and the main reason I wanted to drive through the Czech Republik.  To see the bone chalice, chandelier of skulls, and coat of arms which are pretty damn impressive. And to take photos of Sedlec Ossuary to share with you.


Sedlec Ossuary is full of ornate macabre sculptures made exclusively from human bones. I highly recommend seeing it in person. It’s not your usual tourist attraction as it’s off the beaten track, but this just adds to the authenticity of the whole experience.  A 50 min drive just outside Prague, tucked into pretty countryside.

The bone church has an interesting history behind it.  It is worth the drive to see it as there are similar bone uses in Rome, Vienna, Paris, Ireland, Evora in Portugal, in fact at last count a total of 9 in Europe.  We found the cemetery outside the church interesting as well.

The thing that surprised us was how small the bone church is. It consists of a wide decorated stairway, which leads down to an intricately ornamented room. It was also a surprise to us that the bones of 40,000 people fit inside.  Mostly the bones of people who died from the plague and the Hussite wars.

We had read you needed to pay to take pictures, but we found that was not the case for us and everyone else there.


It was amazing to see such an unusual and overwhelming piece of art. An absolute must see when visiting Prague and the Czech Republic.

bone chvrch

There were 2 bone pyramids (made from 10.000 bones) where people would toss coins into.

The weird bone flowers to the side of the crucifix were my personal favourite.

bone flower

Photos of Sedlec Ossuary

This would have to be our ideal venue for a gay wedding


..not to mention divorce

Interesting (though poor quality) video of Sedlec Ossuary below..

Our Photos of Sedlec Ossuary – by Andrew Tucker
Featured image via – All Flickr images are licensed under CC BY 2.0

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