Things to Do in Windsor

Things to Do in Windsor

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Our Top 5 Things To Do In Windsor, England

However you choose to get to Windsor you will find a bustling and highly attractive town which is usually filled with lots of tourists eagerly taking photos and buying trinkets related to the Royal Family.

Things to Do in Windsor 1 – Windsor Castle

The official home of the Queen is a big attraction here and it is easy to see why. This royal residence is one of the world’s most stunning buildings and you will be rushing to get your cameras out for some photos.

It is possible to enter the Castle and enjoy a great and enjoyable walk throughout the grounds. So much history you can get so close to.  There’s also the armoury room, St George’s Hall and the castle walls themselves.

Definitely worth the admission price and even better with the london pass. You gain free entry and a free train ride to Windsor from paddington as long as you show your pass.

Things to Do in Windsor 2 – Windsor Great Park

The fascinating and scenic Windsor Great Park lets you stretch your legs and see some incredible views. This is also a fantastic place to spot deer, swans, rabbits and other wildlife in their natural setting.  In autumn it’s great to walk up to the Copper Horse with the trees changing colour and turn to look back at Windsor Castle.

It’s a longer walk than you might think, but blows the cobwebs away. You might spot a highly polished Range Rover heading towards you with none other than Her Majesty passing by. A thoroughly recommended afternoon walk.

Things to Do in Windsor 3 – Eton College

If you head down to the River Thames you can feed the swans before crossing the bridge into the quaint town of Eton, home of the legendary private school where many Prime Ministers and members of the Royal Family have studied over the centuries.

This place is really rich in history and the architecture is still amazing. Its wonderful how this place houses students and the teachers and family.

It’s not much from the outside, but the idea of the history behind the school and its graduates is worth the visit. We sat outside and watched the young men coming and going from their rugby games, wondering why we weren’t born among the privileged class.

Things to Do in Windsor 3 – Eton College Museum

In the grounds of Eton. Many don’t know it’s there and just stumble upon it, as there are no sign posts and it’s not usually on most people’s radar.

With many good displays and technical explanations, it’s like a mini version of the Natural History Museum in London, only the exhibits seem more personal, including the contributors own words on how they obtained exhibits.

It includes exhibits from indigenous tribes including ones where it states that it was ‘from somewhere but we don’t quite remember where’.  Charming little place that’s aimed at a wide range of ages including the very young.
Many of the exhibits stem from Joseph Banks including some original artifacts.
Some hands on activities for younger children.
Free opening Sunday afternoons.  Definitely worth a look

Things to Do in Windsor 4 – Theatre Royal

This is an old, delightful, traditional and compact theatre, with a lovely atmosphere and setting and very intimate feel.

The theatre is relatively small, so the stage will always appear to be quite close, and it is therefore easy to see the shows.  Front row are only about four feet from the stage so a good view is guaranteed.

There is normally a wide variety of productions at the theatre, with something to suit all tastes.  The walls are festooned with photos and programmes from various theatrical productions over the years.

Not the most comfortable seats though, you have been warned.

Things to Do in Windsor 5 – Specialty & Gift Shops

Back on the other side of the Thames, the list of the most popular things to do in Windsor includes wandering around the many shops and sitting down for something to eat in a cafe or restaurant.

There is usually a bustling feel to Windsor during the day, although things die down when the day trippers head back to London.

Even More Things To Do in Windsor

St. George’s Chapel – Include as part of your visit to Windsor Castle

Fudge Kitchen

Windsor and Eton Brewery

Tally Ho Stables

Savill Garden

Frogmore House

Windsor Guildhall

Bachelor’s Acre

Historical & Heritage Tours

Windsor Horse Drawn Carriages

Dorney Lake

Dorney Court

Alexandra Gardens

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Old Windsor

Windsor and Royal Borough Museum

Eton Antique Bookshop

Guards Polo Club

Royal Waiting Room

St John the Baptist, Windsor

Sightseeing Tours

Windsor Guided Walking Tours

City Sightseeing Windsor

Windsor Taxi Tours

French Brothers Boat Tours

Fringilla, Larus and Sula Tours

Rhubarb And Custard Photo Gallery (Eton)

Windsor Leisure Centre

Legoland Windsor Resort

Royal Windsor Racecourse

CKT Canoe and Kayak Tours

London Kayak Tours

Ghost & Vampire Tours

Windsor Ghost Walk

Windsor and Eton Tour Guides

Duck Tours

Cooking Classes

Comedy Clubs

Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

Bike Tours Windsor

City Tours Windsor

Mostly Boxes Antiques

Pure Spa Windsor

Eton’s French Market

If visiting Windsor you might also consider visiting nearby Maidenhead.  Visiting both makes for a great weekend break. You can take a short train trip to either one of these places, then walk the Thames Path to the other where you get the train back to London feeling refreshed and as though you have seen some unique, interesting places.   Check out our Top 6 Things to do in Maidenhead here.

Our Top 5 Things to Do in Windsor, England – by David John
Featured image via – All Flickr images are licensed under CC BY 2.0

This concludes our Top 5 Things to Do in Windsor, England. We hope you find this information useful. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, please do comment below as we may have just forgotten to mention it.

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