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Things to Do in Denmark – Our Top 6 Picks

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Our Top 6 Things to Do in Denmark

Denmark is a highly varied country that offers a lot for tourists of all types to enjoy on a trip here, so here are our top 6 cool and cultural things to do in Denmark. Millions of visitors enjoy this country in the north of Europe every year and there is a lot for them to see and do.

If you want to find exciting things to do in Denmark then it is a good idea to start in Copenhagen before heading out to some of the other cities.

Things to Do in Denmark 1 – Tivoli Gardens

Possibly the most famous tourism site in Denmark is the fabulous Tivoli Gardens. This is a wonderfully exciting amusement and pleasure park in the capital city of Copenhagen.

It is the second oldest amusement park in the world and one of the most popular theme parks too. The fact that over 4 million people a year visit it shows that it is one of the top things to do in Denmark for plenty of people.

Among the trademark rides here is the wooden roller coaster known as Rutschebanen. Dating from 1914, it is one of the oldest roller coasters on Earth. The massive Star Flyer is the second tallest carousel in the world, at an exhilarating 80 metres high. Overall, this place will give you a lot of thrills in a unique setting.

Be aware: Gardens are closed October – March every year.

2016 – Open 6 April 2016 – 25 September 2016

Things to Do in Denmark 2 – The Little Mermaid

Another of the icons of the Danish capital is this enchanting bronze statue. Visitors flock here every day to view the small statue and to take photos of it. You might be surprised to see that it is smaller than you thought .. it is called ‘The Little Mermaid’ for a reason 🙂

The crowds that flock here make it a place where you will rub shoulders with many tourists looking for the perfect photo opportunity.

Interestingly, the Little Mermaid statue that we see today is actually a copy of the original. During its time on display, the original was targeted by protesters frequently. It was heavily vandalised, rocked by explosives and even had its head and arms sawn off. This led to it being withdrawn and replaced by a copy, one of several that are found throughout the world now.

There has been talk of moving the Little Mermaid slightly out to sea to avoid vandalism. However, it is still (basically) on dry land and receives admiring glances from tourists of all nationalities on a daily basis.

Things to Do in Denmark 3 – Copenhagen

While we have already looked at a couple of the top attractions in Copenhagen, there is more to the Danish capital than Tivoli and the Little Mermaid.

For example, for a dose of Danish culture you can visit the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. This is the largest collection of national culture in the country and a great place to start to investigate the history of Denmark.

The capital city is home to other places of cultural interest too, such as the Copenhagen Opera House. This is a modern building that is beautifully situated on an island. In fact, the clever positioning of the Opera House means that you can see both Amalienborg Castle and the Marble Church in the distance.

Another terrific looking building to keep an eye out for here is the stunning Rosenborg Castle. To be fair, the other castles around the city possibly offer more interesting interiors but the Throne Room in Rosenborg Castle is definitely worth taking a look at.

Things to Do in Denmark 4 – Kronborg

While Copenhagen is a fantastic city with a great atmosphere and lots of things to do, there are also many reasons to leave the capital city behind for a day or two. For example, the imposing Royal castle situated at Kronborg is a must-see.

This historic building overlooks a narrow section of the Øresund, which is the body of water between Denmark and Sweden. This castle has a long and rich history, although most visitors know Kronborg best as being the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and some of the rooms inside are wonderfully luxurious, making it easily one of the top things to do in Denmark.

Things to Do in Denmark 5 – Aarhus

The homely city of Aarhus is the second biggest settlement in Denmark. It is famous for its port and for its musical history, with some fabulous music festivals held throughout the year. NorthSide and SPOT are a couple of the festivals worth checking out.

Tourism has begun to boom here in recent years, with it being regarded as a classy, cultural destination. If you are looking for things to do in Denmark away from Copenhagen then this is a fine place to get started.

Things to Do in Denmark 6 – Odense

After Copenhagen and Aarhus comes Denmark’s third city; Odense. This beautifully maintained city is famous for being the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen. You will see a number of statues and sculptures related to his works throughout Odense.

The medieval cobbled streets and timbered houses make it a place where it easy to feel that you have stepped back in time to one of the master storyteller’s tales. As well as the obligatory visit to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, you might also want to check out some of the other art, railway and photographic museums in town, before looking for other fantastic things to do in Denmark.

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This concludes our Top 6 Things to Do in Denmark. We hope you find this information useful. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, please do comment below as we may have just forgotten to mention it.

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