Here is our Travel bag checklist Consider this your tick-list for never forgetting anything from that cabin bag There are certain things you need when you go away, whether it’s a simple vacation or a travel expedition, and when it comes to packing your carry-on luggage, it’s easy to forget

Ireland packs so much into such a small space City breaks have become the ‘in’ thing to do, and whether you decide to jump on a low-cost flight to a cultural European city, or you head to somewhere in your own country, one of the most popular city destinations in

Our Top 6 Orlando Florida Things To Do Many people have a common misconception about Orlando, mainly that it’s totally about Mickey Mouse and nothing else. I’m not going to lie, the big mouse is quite prevalent in this sun-drenched part of Florida, but if you are heading to Orlando

Explore the Golden Triangle – Jaipur The first time I heard about Jaipur was when I was like 7 or 8. I was watching Oscar winning director Satyajit Ray’s the ‘Golden Fort’ and in it, one of the main protagonists referred to a Fort in Jaipur – the Nahargarh Fort.

The Incredible Iguazu Falls Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Share across their 3 borders There are few more thrilling sights in the world than a giant waterfall and there are few more thrilling waterfalls than the roaring beauty at Iguazu Falls Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay share on their triple border. If

Here Are Our Top 6 Female Solo Travel Tips Why being a woman makes no difference to your travel fun If you read the newspapers or listen to general hearsay and gossip, the fact you are a woman should make a massive difference to your travel plans. Apparently, your breasts

What is Urban Exploring? As most of the Internet knows already from click bait links, urban exploring or urbex is about going into abandoned places and seeing what is not commonly seen. On the whole the places are abandoned, decayed or in the process of decaying. Some of these places

Kilkenny Castle Ireland is One of the Most Visited Castles in the Country Founded in Medieval times, Kilkenny Castle’s most significant moments have been during more recent times. In 1650, during Oliver Cromwell’s re-conquest of Ireland, Kilkenny Castle was dragged into it, not to mention, in 1922 Kilkenny Castle was besieged

If you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle then there’s sure to be plenty of the best things to do in Ireland that you want to do. So how are you best spending your time in this fantastically welcoming country? Best things to do in Ireland? Spend Time

Cultures in the Philippines: An Inside Look Cultures in the Philippines has been mainly influenced by the Spaniards who ruled this country for 3 centuries and the Americans that also colonised us for 50 years. The Philippines is an Archipelago located between the Philippine Sea and South China Sea. It

Thinking about visiting this ancient city? Depending how much time you have in Rome places to visit are a main priority Otherwise you will miss out.  If you ever go to Italy then here is a very simple warning; when in Rome places to visit are more numerous than you think.

Spending Good Friday in the Philippines? You might want to check this out ..then again, you might not Tourists from different parts of the world choose to spend Good Friday Philippines style mostly in San Fernando, Pampanga, to witness a unique and bloody event each year, although it does happen

Are you wondering what to visit in London? Our Best 5 Places in London to Visit for a Once in a Lifetime Trip! Is there a city on the planet as vibrant, as exciting and as downright scary as London? Just a simple glance at the huge, complex Underground rail

How to survive Orlando Travel Orlando Florida – Our top 6 tips to ensure a great trip  Everyone has to visit Orlando at some stage in their lives, simply because you have to; don’t ask me why, I think there’s some unwritten law in the cosmos or something. Basically, Orlando

5 Philippines Beaches You Need to Visit When you arrive it is a must that you visit the top beaches in the Philippines because it has a longer coast line than the United States and it is composed of 7,107 islands. The Philippines has a tropical climate and it is