Our Top 5 Places To Visit In UAE Home to historic sites, magnificently designed buildings, lovely mountains, UAE is a destination not to be missed for lovers of fun and excitement. It is also a favorite getaway spot for families and couples. With incredible attractions such as Sheikh Zayeed Mosque

Our Top 6 Places To Visit In Canada Canada is one of the most sought after destinations in the world where natural beauty and skyscrapers co-exist together. It has a lot to offer including pristine beaches, waterfalls, museums and colonial architecture. If you are planning your next trip to Canada,

  Our Top 5 Things To Do In Windsor, England However you choose to get to Windsor you will find a bustling and highly attractive town which is usually filled with lots of tourists eagerly taking photos and buying trinkets related to the Royal Family. Things to Do in Windsor

“When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth..” Our Photos of Sedlec Ossuary When there’s no more room in the ground the dead will be piled high. To solve the problem of over-crowded cemeteries, the dead were made into a church, that church is Sedlec Ossuary,

Yes, really.. 🙂 You might be surprised to find that there are more interesting things to do in Maidenhead than you originally think. In fact, this is a fantastic, historic part of England where you can enjoy a fine time in a number of different ways. This is a small

Our Top 7 Things to Do In Tagaytay Tagaytay is well known for giving you a great view of the Taal Volcano and it attracts lots of visitors because there are a number of things that you can do while here. Tagaytay has great weather, scenery, and lots of restaurants that will

Some Basic Facts About New Delhi New Delhi, the capital of India, is part of the larger territory of Delhi and is sometimes referred to as Lutyen’s Delhi to signify one of the primary architects of the new city – Sir Edwin Lutyen. It is the seat of the Indian

Have you ever wished that you could talk more freely and eloquently? The Irish call this “the gift of the gab” and you can supposedly gain this power by kissing the Blarney Stone, which is housed in Blarney Castle Ireland. This is a large block of limestone that is built

Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful French speaking city of Montreal?  Here Are Our Top 5 Places To Visit In Montreal Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and one of the world’s liveliest cities. Located on a beautiful island, the city features an amazing landscape worth exploring.