Tourism in Sikkim is important and not surprising with it’s pristine natural beauty including majestic mountains, sweeping glaciers and lush green forests. It’s nature-walks are a breath of fresh air for any who have been blessed to tread

Whether you still call it Burma, or it’s now, not so new name, Myanmar, as it is officially known, one thing is for sure, this is a country you should be heading to quick time.  Why visit Burma

Travelling the world is a weird experience. For a start, you turn up to places knowing absolutely nothing about them. On the bus to Baños Ecuador it suddenly struck me that this town had the same name

If you asked me to name my favourite approach to a city then I would go all coy for a few seconds before blurting out how utterly amazing it is to arrive to La Paz in Bolivia.

I booked the Hyde Park Sydney Pullman Hotel as a treat for my godparents who live up on Bribie Island, QLD, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. From this experience, both my godparents and I have nothing but

Yes, really.  That’s my advice. You get to experience the joy of discovering stunning new places by chance.  Places you never knew existed before.   Places like Logarska Valley in Slovenia. Who wouldn’t want to spend a

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