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Travel Europe without a set plan
Yes, really.  That’s my advice. You get to experience the joy of discovering stunning new places by chance.  Places you never knew existed before.   Places like Logarska Valley in Slovenia. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days there?  There are many hidden gems of breath-taking natural beauty, tucked

The Island of Iona offers a Spiritual Experience
If there is one thing even better than exploring the world it is discovering magical places in your own country. Despite having grown up in Scotland I knew nothing of the magical island of Iona until I set foot on it. ‘ISLE OF IONA’ by MISHIMOTO is licensed under CC

Athenee Palace Bucharest and Romanian Memories
Now called the Athenee Palace Hilton, in 1912, on the location of the former Gherasi Inn, Romanians started building the Athenee Palace Bucharest. Designed by French architect Théophile Bradeau. It was the first grandiose building in the Capital with a reinforced concrete skeleton. Its inauguration took place in 1914. The Athenee

If you come to Turkey Marmaris is well worth considering a visit
Why I think you should try Turkey & Marmaris this summer When it comes to summer holidays, it’s no wonder that so many people are flocking to Turkey. There are several fun-filled, sunny resorts dotted all along the southern Turkish coast, bathed by the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. These resorts

The Best Places to Visit in Paris are the Ones You Already Know About
Paris is a city like no other, and you won’t be too surprised to learn there are plenty of places to visit while in Paris. Unlike some other major cities, where the reality falls short of the long held expectation, what might surprise you is that some of the places

Have you ever wanted to visit Castle Dracula Romania?
Who Wants to Be a Vampire?  Or at least visit that castle, you know, Castle Dracula Romania?     Just make sure you go to the right place! Almost all countries and cultures of the world include vampires in their mythology. Romanians however, don’t(unless you count Strigoi). Ironically enough, Romanians are

Looking for travel ideas holiday plans and maybe something a little different from the norm?
Are you stuck in a holiday rut?   Maybe it’s time to go for some different travel ideas holiday plans and trips. Do you ever get bored of the same kind of travel ideas holiday plans? Does sitting on a beach for two weeks solid get a little, well, boring?

Istanbul Beaches are definitely worth checking out
Escaping the city for Istanbul’s beautiful beaches Beaches aren’t the first thing you would tend to think of when you picture Istanbul; in fact one of the first things that comes to mind when you even say the word ‘Istanbul’ is busy, frenetic, fast-paced city life, and whilst that is very

Our Top 3 Places to Visit in Istanbul
Welcome to Istanbul Here are our top 3 places to visit in Istanbul, just to keep it simple for you, as Istanbul can be quite a challenge and easily overload all of your senses.  Our advice is go.  Go now. There are few cities in the world which are as

Discover the Magic of Dunluce Castle Ireland
Charming Dunluce Castle Ireland will draw you in  The beautiful ruin of Dunluce Castle is in Northern Ireland. If you are ever in this part of the world, you really should make the effort to see this stunning medieval castle, that many claim to be haunted. I passed this legendary place

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