Iguazu Falls Brazil

The Incredible Iguazu Falls Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Share across their 3 borders

There are few more thrilling sights in the world than a giant waterfall and there are few more thrilling waterfalls than the roaring beauty at Iguazu Falls Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay share on their triple border. If there is a more spectacular natural wonder on the planet then I have yet to see it.

Some Basic Iguazu Falls Facts

The basic Iguazu Falls facts are hugely impressive. For a start, there are up to 300 separate falls here, depending upon the time of year. It is the 6th biggest set of waterfalls on Earth, going by the volume of water that comes crashing down. In fact, the water rate here is 1,746 m3/s. In terms of the height of the falls, this varies between 60 and 82 metres (197 to 269 feet). Leaving aside the figures and the Iguazu Falls facts, this is a place to just stand and enjoy the force of nature in front of you. The places where you can stay here are Foz de Iguazu in Brazil, Puerto Iguazu in Argentina or Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

Iguazu falls Brazil

Iguazu Falls (Brazilian side) by AHLN / Flickr

Foz de Iguazu, Brazil

To see the side of the Iguazu Falls Brazil has to offer, you can stay in Foz de Iguazu. This is where you will see the best overview of the falls, although you won’t get as up close as you will on the Argentine side. The current economic situations of the countries also mean that – at the time of writing – Brazil is a fair bit more expensive than Argentina. The big attraction on this side of the falls is the Iguaçu National Park (Iguaçu is the name in Portuguese but many tourists just use Iguazu for both sides).  Here, you will see the incredible Devil’s Throat part of the falls, which is probably the best part overall. The town of Foz de Iguazu is nothing special but there are a few nice places to stay and you are unlikely to be here for more than a day or two anyway. You can then easily get a taxi across to Argentina for the next part of the trip.

Iguazu falls Brazil

Iguazu Falls (Brazilian side) by AHLN / Flickr

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

The Argentine side was more popular with travellers when I went there, as there is more to do and it is also cheaper. On this side you can visit the Iguazu National Park and get up close to the falls. You get transported around in a cool, painted train and there is also the opportunity to go on a boat trip that takes you – gulp – under the falls. There is more to do on this side and you can easily spend a full day in the national park. The town is small but welcoming. As with just about everywhere in Argentina, you can eat well and have a good time here. A short stroll from the centre takes you to the spot where you see the triple border (spoiler alert: it isn’t really all that exiting). You should expect to spend most of your time at the falls around this town.

Iguazu falls Brazil

View of the Falls from the Argentine side by Ian Gampon / Flickr

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

I never went to the Paraguayan side of the falls and I don’t know anyone else who did either. This is simply because it isn’t as well set up for tourism as the Iguazu Falls Brazil and Argentina sides. Indeed, this is said to be a reasonably unsafe city where tourists aren’t expected to visit. Having said that, it is also reported to be a thriving business in counterfeit goods. Lots of Argentines and Brazilians cross here every day to buy cheap clothes and electronics goods.

Getting In and Out

If you look at the map of Iguazu Falls you will see that it is pretty far from the big cities in Argentina and Brazil. This means that many travellers choose to head here by plane. There is an airport on either side of the border. For a longer and more adventurous trip you can get here by bus from just about anywhere in Brazil or Argentina. I travelled from Rio de Janeiro to Foz de Iguazu and it was almost a full day of travelling on a nice bus. I then left Puerto Iguazu to go to Tucuman on the bus, which was another long but reasonably comfortable trip.

Iguazu falls Brazil

Sunset over Iguazu on the Brazilian side by SF Brit / Flickr

The Incredible Iguazu Falls Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Share –  By Robert Bell

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Iguazu falls Brazil

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