The Jeepney in the Philippines is King of the Road

The Jeepney in the Philippines is the cheapest transportation you can ride when you are here and it can carry a fair number of passengers from one destination to another. The idea of the Jeepney was derived from the old American Jeeps, but they were shorter. The Jeepney in the Philippines is longer by 2 meters and have very colourful designs and the name “Jeepney” was thought of because the knees of the passengers riding it will touch with each other and the word “jeep” when combined with “knee” sounds like “Jeepney”. The Jeepneys were first considered to be a small bus and everything is hand built.

King of the Road

When Jeeps were first driven on the road in the 1950s, there were Filipino entrepreneurs who took advantage of modifying them to invent the Jeepney. They made the Jeepney colourful and added more features and it became the transit mode for the masses.

jeepney in the philippines
Image By kanegen / Flickr CC 2.0

One of the entrepreneurs was Leonardo Sarao and during that time he was driving a horse-drawn cart. He was very inspired to give public transportation to Filipinos and that’s how he thought of making Jeepnies/Jeepneys a main line of business for him.

jeepney in the philippines
Image By David Guyler / Flickr CC 2.0

Today, there are a lot of franchisers who operate Jeepnies and it is still the cheapest form of transportation because it only costs 20 cents or 8 pesos in Philippine money. It can accommodate 18 people and has windows with no glass for ventilation.

They are hand built

All of the Jeepneys that are being made in the Philippines are done by hand and some of the parts used have been imported from Japan. The body work and chassis are all made in the Philippines and the majority of Jeepnies have music and horns that are really loud making easy it for someone to tell that a Jeepney is about to arrive.

What comprises a real Jeepney in the Philippines?

Jeepnies are very colourful because they are painted with different designs and they even have glittering, and various other decorations. The Jeepney can also have a specific name written on the front with extra lights. It is these details that give Jeepnies their characteristics, making them a trademark of the Philippines.


Tap the roof the Jeepney in the Philippines when you want to get off

jeepney in the philippines
Image by Ahmed Dawn / Flickr CC 2.0

When you are riding a Jeepney in the Philippines and it is time for you to get off, all you have to do is tap a coin on the roof to notify the conductor to tell the driver to stop. There will be new passengers who will get in after you get out and the ones who are already inside will move to accommodate new passengers.


How to tell where the Jeepney will take you

When you look at the side of a Jeepney in the Philippines, you will usually find two or more place names written there. The ones that are written in bigger form will tell you about the fixed route of the Jeepney so you know which one you must take.

jeepney in the philippines
Image by Momo / Flickr CC 2.0

A Jeepney in the Philippines is easy to spot and when you come here you will immediately find them because each one of them has very distinctive designs.

jeepney in the philippines
Image by Jeff Jacinto / Flickr CC 2.0

Jeepney in the Philippines – by Ysabel Carbalo.  Cover Image by Stefan Munder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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