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Things to do in Buenas Aires – Tango and more..

The first time you set foot in the Argentine capital you will realise that there are more things to do in Buenos Aires than you could have possibly imagined, so here are my own personal Buenos Aires highlights

This is a vast city, with the population of Greater Buenos Aires running to some 15 million. This is about a third of the entire population of Argentina, so when you are looking for places to see in this country you simply can’t overlook Buenos Aires. But what will you do here?

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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My Buenos Aires highlights: Listen to Some Tango

Possibly the most exciting thing about spending some time in Buenos Aires is that you are surrounded by the beautiful sounds of tango. You will hear it wafting out of shops, you will see street performers dancing to it and you might even be tempted to go to a tango dinner show.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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To be sure of catching a live street performance you should go to either the La Florida pedestrianised shopping area, the Boca area or San Telmo. These are among the most popular of all the top Argentina tourist attractions and you are virtually guaranteed to see a performance in any of them. If you have got a healthy dose of rhythm in your body and are pretty brave then you can also take some tango classes and learn how to move in a sultry, dangerously provocative way. Personally, I bought a Carlos Gardel CD and kept my dancing feet firmly stuck to the ground.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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My Buenos Aires highlights: Visit La Boca

The La Boca region of the city is famous for a number of reasons and visiting it is what to do in Buenos Aires if you want to see a historic neighbourhood with a lot of character. This is the working class area where the Boca Juniors soccer team plays. You can visit their La Bombonera stadium for a tour if you like, while there are also a couple of shops outside selling club merchandise. I got a cracking Boca t-shirt from here and a few other trinkets. You should be aware that if you go to a game here the atmosphere is likely to be electric, especially if they are playing their hated rivals River Plate. Going to a soccer game here is an unforgettable experience, as it is one of the world’s greatest stadiums and noisiest supports. However, crowd trouble isn’t unknown and it isn’t for the fainthearted. La Boca is also renowned for its El Caminito street.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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This is where you will find the iconic brightly coloured artist’s houses that appear on so many Buenos Aires postcards. The popular tango song El Caminito was inspired by this street and you can expect to find plenty of evidence of tango culture here. It is regarded as a fairly rough and unsafe part of the city, though, so going there on an organised tour could be your best bet.

Pay Your Respects to Evita at La Recoleta

Evita plaque 1
Image by Brian Allen / Flickr

Visiting cemeteries isn’t something I usually do on my travels. However, some final resting places are so special that it is worth going there. In the case of what to do in Buenos Aires, La Recoleta Cemetery is the burial place of national icon Eva “Evita” Perón and one of the main Argentina tourist attractions. Actually, apart from Evita’s grave, this is generally regarded as being one of the planet’s most beautiful graveyards. The story of Evita is fascinating and well worth checking out before you visit her grave. Contrary to what some people think, she was never President of Argentina. Instead, she was the wife of President Juan Perón. She was famous for her charitable work and political activism but died early at 33. Even after her death she was a controversial figure. During the country’s military dictatorship her body disappeared for 16 years and it was illegal to speak about her. Her body was finally discovered in Italy and returned home to Argentina. Her grave in La Recoleta is one of the most secure in the world, with a series of trapdoors and thick walls said to be capable of protecting her from a nuclear attack.

Buenos Aires Highlights: Enjoy the Food and Share a Mate Infusion

It is impossible to talk about the things to do in Buenos Aires without mentioning the food. Of course, if you are a meat eater you will probably already know that this country is famous for having the best beef in the world.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
Image by J. Annie Wang / Flickr

You will also want to try the empanadas, dulce de leche and the delicious alfajores. In terms of drinks, if a local offers to share a mate infusion with you then you should consider this as a great compliment, even if the bitter, earthy taste takes you a bit of getting used to.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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If none of my Buenos Aires highlights tickle your fancy, there are other options, as suggested by David John, such as..


Love hotels, made for frolicking and the like, by the hour, under mirrored ceilings or some of the other themed rooms, with names like the ‘Futuristic suite’, or ‘Zen Suite’, just don’t do a Homer and get lumped with the ‘Utility Room’ ..unless of course, you’re into that type of thing judgement 🙂    

Seriously, these hotels are really not as seedy as they first sound, a bit of a Buenos Aires institution apparently, built for fun.  You do bring your own partner.  These are not brothels.  Them Argentinians know how to have a good time, and cope pretty well with any Catholic guilt it seems, perhaps it’s the Tango..   Like I say, Buenos Aires is a pretty fun place.

Don’t believe me?   Have a look here, and here

I wonder if they have a ‘Star Wars’ room? 🙂

Buenos Aires Highlights
Image by Ivan Phan / Flickr

Steak and all you can eat Grills

Steakhouses, Argentinians are proud of their beef and love their steak and steakhouses. For more info on these (and a few more Buenos Aires highlights, as well as affirming some of ours) check out this recent post (which will take you away from this site, so hasta la vista 🙂 )

My Buenos Aires Highlights – by Robert Bell and David John

Featured image ‘Rodin and the Palacio del Congreso‘ byPhillip Capper and all Flickr images are licensed under CC BY 2.0

Thus concludes our Buenos Aires highlights. We hope you find this information useful. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, please do comment below as we may have just forgotten to mention it.

Things to Do In Buenos Aires
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