Heading to Orlando? It’s not all theme-parks you know. Here are our top 6 Orlando Florida Things To Do

Our Top 6 Orlando Florida Things To Do

Many people have a common misconception about Orlando, mainly that it’s totally about Mickey Mouse and nothing else. I’m not going to lie, the big mouse is quite prevalent in this sun-drenched part of Florida, but if you are heading to Orlando Florida things to do are actually plentiful, other than being totally Disney-fied within an inch of your life.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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If you’re heading to the fun-filled capital of the Sunshine State, then here’s a few things to do whilst you’re there, other than catching a tan of course. One tip – remember those comfortable shoes!

Orlando Florida Things To Do 1 – Swim with dolphins

Discovery Cove is not only a little slice of heavenly serenity within Orlando, but it is also where you can swim with dolphins. Again, look at ticket options because you can bundle this with SeaWorld and save money, but this park has the perk of being limited on how many people can enter on any particular day, so it’s never crowded, and it’s all-inclusive, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on food and drink throughout your visit. You can feed dolphins, touch rays, swim in beautifully warm waters, walk through the tropical section and feed birds, and you can tick swimming with dolphins off your bucket-list. This is a must do in my opinion.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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Orlando Florida Things To Do 2 – Go to Boggy Creek

Florida is obviously famous for the Everglades, and whilst Miami has the major share, there is some of this famous set of water-ways which heads into the Orlando area. Boggy Creek is where you can head off on an air-boat ride, possibly seeing an alligator, although obviously this is never guaranteed, spotting native birds, and generally getting a thrill at the hands of nature. Look out for coupon deals to save money on this attraction before a certain time of the day too.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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Orlando Florida Things To Do 3 – Eat

Most things in the USA are big, but the portions in Orlando seem to be huge. You’ll find countless eateries where you can munch to your heart’s content, including the all you can eat buffet option at places like the Golden Corral. Fancy something sweet? Head to IHOP and work your way through the pancake and waffle menu. Orlando is a foodie’s dream.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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Orlando Florida Things To Do 4 – Shop

Whilst the dollar rate is not as good as it once used to be, it’s still pretty up there, and the cost of clothing in Orlando is cheaper than many other places, like the UK. This is why many people tend to take an empty suitcase, or buy one whilst they’re there, and stock up on clothing from big-named stores at a discount, such as Levis, Timberland, Gap, etc. There are many outlets on the outskirts of Orlando, including Lake Buena Vista Outlet, and Premium Outlets.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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Orlando Florida Things To Do 5 – Golf

There are many golf courses in Orlando, and many of them are top-notch. A great way to relax and catch the sun, away from the totally fast-paced life that seems to run around this busy area, heading to the green may be your activity of choice. Shingle Creek Golf Club is a great place to head, or perhaps Lake Orlando Golf Club. If you want upmarket surroundings then The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club could be for you. There are countless other options, it really all depends on where you’re basing yourself, because if you’re on International Drive, you don’t want to be heading all the way to Kissimmee for an hour’s golf fun – that drive is longer than it looks!

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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Orlando Florida Things To Do 6 – Theme parks

Ok, Ok, we can’t not talk about them, but they’re not all about Mickey Mouse. If you have kids, or you’re simply a big kid at heart, then the sprawling Disney World is obviously going to be where you want to go, even for just a few days. Alternatively, or perhaps as well as, Universal Studios and the adjacent Islands of Adventure are a great choice, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter part of the latter. Fans of the films will love this. SeaWorld is ever-popular, or the relatively new Aquatica – a water-park with a difference. Even if you just head to the parks for a few days, look at your ticket options, because bundle deals will always save you money and time as opposed to queueing at the door.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
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These are just a few things you can enjoy whilst you’re in Orlando. One thing you could never really accuse this destination of being is boring, because there is so much to see and do, and because it is so sprawling, you’ll never be stood still for too long. Having said that, you may just need another vacation to get over it, and stock up on your depleted sleep reserves!

Orlando Florida Things To Do – By Nicola Curtis

Thus concludes our Orlando Florida Things To Do. We hope you find this information useful. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, please do comment below as we may have just forgotten to mention it.

Orlando Florida Things To Do
Image by Chad Sparkes / Flickr

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