Have you ever wanted to visit Castle Dracula Romania?

Who Wants to Be a Vampire?  Or at least visit that castle, you know, Castle Dracula Romania?   

 Just make sure you go to the right place!

Almost all countries and cultures of the world include vampires in their mythology. Romanians however, don’t(unless you count Strigoi). Ironically enough, Romanians are famous for vampires.  There’s no doubt that once you hear the word Dracula, you immediately think of Transylvania and Castle Dracula Romania.

 Castle Dracula Romania
Bran Castle – most famous for being Dracula’s Castle – but it’s actually not

Castle Dracula RomaniaThe Dracula myth, whether we like it or not, places Romania on a bloody map of vampirism. Now, with a few different famous movies and tv series of sexy vampires taking over the hearts and minds of young girls all over the world, this may not be such a bad thing for Romania. Do not forget though, that Dracula is based on a true character, (though some even debate this) a Romanian lord from the Middle Ages, namely Vlad The Impaler. He was nicknamed Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Devil) as he was well known for his cruelty towards his Turkish enemies and for the fact he fancied impalement. Hence the other nickname, Vlad the Impaler.


Castle Dracula Romania

Although Vlad The Impaler was indeed really cruel, he knew what true love was. He was married to Anastasia Holszanska, the Queen of Poland’s niece, but fell madly in love with Katharina Siegel, a beautiful 17 year old blond girl with blue eyes. Their relationship lasted for 20 years and they had 5 children together. They never got to officially marry, but their connection lasted beyond Vlad the Impaler’ death in 1477.  His beloved went to a monastery till the end of her days, incapable of facing a world without Vlad in it.

Is Castle Dracula Romania Castle Bran?

Good question.  Most tourists who come looking for Castle Dracula Romania and the home of the King of Vampires go to Castle Bran, the place where myth, history and magic come together. This is actually the only castle in Transylvania that is similar to the description provided by Bram Stoker, the creator of the myth. But Bram Stoker never visited Romania and when he researched for possible locations for his character he came upon a description of Bran castle available in England at the end of the 19th century.  Historians don’t really know if Vlad The Impaler actually conquered the castle or not.  Anyhow, it was never the residence of the Wallachian ruler, though it does seem he stayed there a couple of times. It looks spooky enough to continue to attract the interest of many visitors coming to Romania, but technically, this is not, nor never really was, Castle Dracula Romania.

So where is the real Castle Dracula Romania?

The title belongs more now to Castle Poenari, which is in ruins, although worth checking out, as long as you aren’t bothered the hike.

Castle Dracula Romania
Poenari Castle Romania
Castle Dracula Romania
View from Poenari Castle Romania

For an alternative Castle Dracula Romania try this

Legend has it that Vlad the Impaler was eventually imprisoned for 7 years at Hunyadi Castle (also known as Corvin Castle) and it is more spectacular and amazing than either Bran Castle or Poenari Castle.

Castle Dracula Romania
Hunyad Castle courtesy of touristinromania

Watch this video on the The Castle of Corvin, Transylvania on Vimeo

And this

Things to remember:

  • Romanian mythology talks about other grotesque creatures: strigoi, troubled souls of the dead coming back to haunt their families after they die.
  • The Bran Castle was initially a fortress build by the Teutonic Order in 1212. Vlad The Impaler used Bran Castle as the starting point for his raids in Transylvania.
  • Dracula is purely a fictional character.
  • Vlad III (meaning Vlad The Impaler) never owned a property in Transylvania.
  • Dracula is a vampire outside Romania, but Vlad the Impaler is a national hero.
  • Location of the Bran castle: 84 miles north of Bucharest/16 miles southwest of Brasov.
  • There are other Dracula related sites: Palatul Curtea Veche from Bucharest (Palatul Curtea Veche), the Snagov Monastery (the legend goes that the Romanian prince is buried here) or the city of Brasov where Vlad fought against the Saxons.
  • Stoker never visited Romania.

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